Best Plumbers in Laconia & Meredith, NH

BEST VALUE PLUMBING & HEATING is a full service plumbing company offering expert installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance on all plumbing and heating systems in your home. If you need a plumber in the Lakes Region of NH, look no further. We can fulfill all of your needs.

We are available for both residential and commercial projects throughout Central NH and the Concord region. Here are  just some of the areas we service. Best Value brings over 40 years of experience and dedication to all your plumbing and heating projects. We will be on time, and on budget. Whether it’s just a leaky faucet, or the installation of a brand new high-efficiency water heater, we have it covered. Satisfaction guaranteed!

“They arrived on time, finished the job promptly, and the service tech was pleasant and informative”- Sue“

John was very nice in a situation that was difficult. Thank you very much!”- Carolyn“

John was pleasant and courteous. Your service was punctual just when I needed it!”- Gene>

We want our customers to be as educated as possible about what to expect with our plumbing and heating services. We encourage you to read some of our informative articles, like 3 Reasons to Call a Pro and Services Local Plumbers Can Provide